2000 - 2010

The company in Geldermalsen is undergoing a major overhaul. A large new production hall will be added, old buildings for storage will be replaced, water purification will be expanded and new production lines for the production of portion cups and later also squeeze-bags of applesauce will be purchased.

The Zeeland plant is also growing rapidly. The number of production lines grows, a fifth sterilisation tower is installed and an extra large storage warehouse is added. Machinery is focused on producing apple sauce, fresh vegetables and pulses. Soft fruit production is divested mainly due to labour intensity and high labour costs.

COROOS grows into the largest canning company in the Netherlands within its field. The company name changes from C. Oostroms canneries to COROOS. However, the COROOS product name increasingly disappears from the shelves. In its place, own brand and product names such as Appelmoesjes, Servero, Fruit to Go and Slurpfruit are used to sell the new fruit cups and squeeze bags.

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