Good quality starts at the source. We buy all our raw materials such as fruit, pulses and vegetables from our local, national and international partners. In doing so, we follow a strict protocol of quality requirements and quality checks. Our policy is aimed at having the right quality raw materials available at the right time all year round, paying maximum attention to minimising the impact on our environment.

Food safety is our absolute top priority. To guarantee it, we have the 'higher level' certification of the International Food Standard (IFS). We also comply with all British Retail Consortium (BRC) requirements for food products. We have defined strict criteria for our quality management system, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and Food Defense (our protection against intentional contamination), among others.

Using periodic and unannounced audits, we ensure the effectiveness of these assurance measures. All our products are also subjected to rigorous checks by both our own quality department and external independent laboratories at home and abroad. In addition, using these measures, we ensure the traceability of all our products, from raw material to finished product.


COROOS believes in healthy and tasty food that is easy to prepare and accessible to everyone. We are a consumer-driven production organisation. To meet consumer needs, we continuously invest in innovations in health, convenience and taste.

It is very important to eat healthy. Trends show that healthy eating is easier to achieve if food is easy to prepare. The product developments of our Research & Development respond to these consumer trends. Thus, we no longer only produce traditional canned vegetables and pulses that are healthy as well as affordable and easy to prepare, but also complex meal components that are highly nutritious and flavourful and are used as a basis in professional kitchens or in the food industry for further processing.

At COROOS, we use the entire fruit for processing. We do not extract parts, but preserve the product while retaining fibre, vitamins and other valuable nutrients. We invest in research and development. We employ our own product developers and have our own innovation centre and laboratory. Using these facilities and knowledge, we have been able to make opportunities for mild preservation applicable. The focus here is on natural products that retain their own taste, bite, smell and colour. A healthy product that still contains its own fibres and vitamins needs no additives. In our R&D, we work closely with various research partners such as IRI, GFK, Wageningen UR and the University of Ghent.

"It gives a thrill to see a streamlined process from harvesting to transport and then processing in our factories."

Jaap Hollemans
All-round mechanical technician


certification BRCGS Global Food Safety Standard
certification Eko keurmerk
certification European Vegetarian Union
certification GMP+ certificaat
certification IFS Food Standard
certification Sedex certificaat
certification Skal Biocontrole

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