Servero Fruit Puree Apple Mango Peach Passion Fruit

Servero fruit purées are made from a delicious combination of fruits with no additives. The purée is an ideal snack, delicious addition to breakfast or to use as a dessert.

  • 100% from fruit
  • No additives, so no added sugars either
  • Fruit purée in 4 convenient portion packs
  • Fruit snack as responsible snack

Extra information Fruit can be enjoyed in between meals, alongside meals or as a dessert with Servero fruit purees. Besides fruit, we don't add anything else, including sugar. This is because we only need to heat the fruit briefly to preserve the flavour. We then pack these in handy single portions, delicious for any time of the day. For example, as an easy fresh dessert, which you just have to put on the table and spoon out. Adults and children love it. Servero, naturally the tastiest! Did you know that adding a fruit purée to your breakfast yoghurt is incredibly delicious? It makes the breakfast yoghurt nice and fruity and deliciously fresh.

  • Fruit purée apple, mango, peach, passion fruit
  • Servero Fruit Puffs are naturally made from 100% fruit and nothing else, so no added sugars or other additives.
  • *This product contains naturally occurring sugars. (13g). Source of fibre.
Servero Fruit Puree Apple Mango Peach Passion Fruit

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