Servero Fruit to Go Multipack 12 x 90 grams

Servero Fruit to Go 100% Fruit is a responsible fruit snack. This fruit snack is made of 100% fruit with no additives. The squeeze bag is ideal for travelling.

  • 100% fruit
  • No additives, so no added sugar
  • Squeeze fruit as a responsible snack, also on the go
  • 6x apple, mango and passion fruit squeeze bags
  • 6x apple, strawberry and raspberry squeeze bags

Fruit can always be enjoyed in between meals, even on the go, with Servero squeeze fruit Fruit To Go Mango. This delicious fruit snack is packaged as squeeze fruit and made of 100% fruit and nothing else. That's because we only need to heat the fruit briefly to preserve the flavour. Additives are therefore not needed at all. You only taste the natural sweetness of the fruit. Servero Fruit To Go is ideal to enjoy in the car, train or bus. Thanks to the handy squeeze bag, the fruit can easily be eaten as a snack without spilling. So with Servero Fruit to Go, throw the fruit in your bag and take a fruit snack with you!

Also as a responsible birthday treat, Servero Fruit to Go is very popular.

Servero Fruit to Go comes in two delicious flavours packed together in a mix pack: each flavour consists of different fruits;

  • Strawberry Heaven: apple, strawberry & raspberry
  • Mango Therapy: apple, mango & passion fruit

The mix pack contains 12 90-gram sachets.

Servero Fruit to Go Multipack

€ 8,99


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