Servero Slurpfruit Month Box 32 pieces x 90g

Servero Slurpfruit 100% Fruit is a responsible fruit snack for children. The squeeze fruit is made from 100% fruit with no additives. This box provides you with enough squeeze bags to enjoy Servero Slurpfruit for a month.

  • 100% fruit
  • No additives, so no added sugars
  • Squeeze fruit as a responsible snack, treat or for on the go

Slurping is OK! Our Slurpfruit is made from 100% real fruit and therefore only contains the natural sweetness of the fruit. We choose recognisable types of fruit and puree them into a nice smooth fruit puree. Children like that. Our squeeze fruit is an ideal and responsible snack for children. Handy to always have in the house, so don't forget to put it on your shopping list. Even as a responsible treat for a child's birthday, our squeeze bag will bring happy faces. Because who wouldn't want to treat their party with something this tasty?

Contents of the monthly box

  • 8 x apple, strawberry & banana
  • 12 x apple, peach & apricot
  • 12 x apple, mango & peach

The monthly box contains 32 90-gram sachets.

Servero Slurpfruit Month Box

€ 16,45


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