We produce a wide range of vegetable products made from pulses, vegetables and fruit at COROOS. For our partners in the food industry and food service, we create product solutions such as sauces as a base for meals and soups, legume pastes and aquafaba (protein substitute), vegetable purees and fruit purees.

We create our products by pureeing the edible part of the whole fruit or vegetable, without removing the juice or fibre. These solutions are perfect for food and beverage applications such as hummus, dairy alternatives, cakes, sauces or soups. The full range can be found online or in our catalogue.
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100% Vegetable

Nature provides us with plenty of high-quality nutrients and plant proteins. Our products will never contain artificial additives or preservatives. We do not use meat, fish or dairy in our recipes.
Using the vast amount of knowledge we possess within COROOS and driven by innovation, we have developed unique and patented preservation methods. This enables COROOS to produce from 100% vegetables, fruit and legumes, very high-quality products that are tasty, healthy, convenient and sustainable without additives.
With these vegetable products, COROOS is driving the protein transition as a producer of various legume spreads and basic raw materials as an alternative to animal proteins.

Tasty and nutritious

We supply various tailor-made recipes. Our developers and nutritionists always find the right balance between delicious taste and excellent nutritional values. They do this for single-ingredient products as well as complex meal components. By choosing high-quality raw materials with the right properties to achieve the desired end product in combination with unique technology, COROOS is unrivalled in its ability to produce affordable, healthy and delicious meal components on a large scale.

Care for the planet, care for the people

We work with a short chain and prefer to source our ingredients close to home. We process the entire raw materials so that we use the all the healthy nutrients present in the product. Based on these ingredients, we produce tasty, healthy, plant-based products. We take good care of our people, take social responsibility and work primarily on the basis of long-term relationships.

Unique technology

Our innovative technology enables us to prepare our products in such a way that you can eat them immediately (cold or hot) by means of ultra-short heating. Bite, fibre structure, nutrients and flavour are better preserved. An additional advantage is that the risk of spoilage is low because our products can be stored well for at least 30 days.

"At COROOS, you get the chance to develop yourself and grow."

Agnieszka Gronowski
Supervisor QC

"It's great to work with only super healthy food!"

Jimmie Kalpoe
Operator packaging

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